Hi! I am Deepak.

Born & raised in Baroda, I did my schooling from Baroda High School & graduation from Sardar Patel University. My strengths in observation, creativity, and communication motivated me to enhance my skills in these areas, which led me to BIT, where I received hands-on training in web & graphic design.

I started my professional career as a visual designer with major part of my work profile focusing on creating website layouts, social media content, corporate branding, design and competitor research. My core responsibilities were to provide support and services to international clients by helping them communicate their brand message to target audiences through visual materials such as logos, brochures, advertisements, social media posts, and ads. It helped me improving my skills in communication, problem-solving and teamwork as well as develop a strong eye for aesthetics, detail, and other technical aspects. While at work, I also gained proficiency in WordPress, social media, SEO, Google Suite, Microsoft Office, project and time management.

During the pandemic I had an opportunity to reconsider my career goals, assess my experiences, strengths, skills, and choose a path that aligns with my academic interests and future growth. To upskill myself, I pursued postgraduate diploma in Marketing Management followed by courses in digital marketing, quantitative marketing research, and marketing research & analysis offered by the National Program on Technology and Enhanced Learning (NPTEL). Please go through my timeline for more details and feel free to contact me via email or LinkedIn.

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My journey so far.

SPU, India
March 2016
Bachelor of Business Administraton

Sardar Patel university is an esteemed educational institute in Gujarat holding an ‘A’ grade accreditation by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council of India. As an undergrad student I studied all major subjects, but I was extremely competent in marketing & communications. I had a knack for creativity and used this skill in my academics, and later in my professional life.

Visit their website for more information: SPUVVN

BIT, India
May 2018
Web and graphic design

 My hobby and creative interests led me to BIT where I gained expertise in creative tools & technical skills. Here I acquired knowledge of Adobe creative suite, basic HTML/CSS, UI/UX,web design, honed my visual communication skills and built a strong foundation which led me to my first professional job.

Visit their website for more information: Baroda Institute of Technology

Stemmons Business Services, India
February 2020
Graphic & website layout designer

 Fresh out of BIT, in July 2018 I was hired by Stemmons business services assigned to their Houston based client ODDS Marketing where I worked on multiple projects with strict deadlines. I was mainly responsible for Website layouts, social media & blog posts, corporate branding and promotional materials. During my tenure, I interacted and understood the needs of international customers and delivered them with perfection.

Visit their website for more information: Stemmons Business Services

Python Holdings LLC
October 2021
Graphic & website layout designer

 I switched to Houston based firm Python Holdings LLC working for them remotely during peak pandemic reporting directly to Creative Director. I worked on their branding, website, print materials, and social media targeting the American energy sector. My work profile allowed me to take charge of projects independently and enhance my time and project management skills.

Visit their website for more information: Python Holdings LLC

SPU, India
April 2022

By the end of pandemic, I enrolled in Post-graduate marketing diploma with a goal to enhance my knowledge & career prospectus. As a graphic designer I used to work with marketing and advertising teams on marketing campaigns, business and customer communications. Pursuing PGDMM gave me an in-depth understanding of marketing theories and principles, brand establishment, positioning, consumer behaviors, and advertising.

Visit their website for more information: SPUVVN

August 2022
Digital marketing

National program on technology and advanced learning (NPTEL) is a government of India initiative which offers best courses with academic credits from some of the top institutes and the exams are conducted by the National Testing Agency. This in demand course was offered by Punjab University via the SWYAM portal that included website development and SEO projects. Initially this website was part of my academic project that I have turned into my personal site.

Visit their website for more information: SWYAM - NPTEL

August 2022
Quantitative marketing research

As a professional, I had to conduct extensive competitor and design research. Since I did my post-graduate studies in marketing, I was very keen on learning about the principals and fundamentals of marketing research. This course was offered by IIT Bangalore via the SWYAM portal which comprised tools and methodologies for conducting Quantitative marketing research and data analysis.

Visit their website for more information: SWYAM - NPTEL

October 2022
Marketing research and analysis

This more in-depth course was offered by IIT Kanpur via the SWYAM portal with an aim to identify trends in consumer habits and behaviors through the research process. It focused on providing tools and methodologies for conducting both qualitative and quantitative research and analyzing the resulting data for taking better decisions.

Visit their website for more information: SWYAM - NPTEL

Conestoga College, Canada
Fall 2023 (pursuing)
Public Relations - Integrated Communciations

My education & experience made me eligible for Conestoga’s PRIC program where I learnt to develop and execute strategic communication plans, image & media management, marketing, advertising & social media communications. Research was an integral part of my academics which helped me in my Capstone project where I made a strategic communications plan for Your Neighborhood Credit Union’s Motivate2Skate initiative.

Visit their website for more information: Conestogac.on.ca

That's not all folks!

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Yes, that’s not all because I am a constant learner and a keen observer, which not only broadens my knowledge and skills, but helps me stay ahead of the competition and serve my employers efficiently. By staying curious and open minded, I can adapt to changing needs and bring fresh perspectives, learn new skills and take on challenges. Personally, I believe in being adaptable, accountable, and approachable. These qualities enable me to build professional relationships, foster teamwork and communicate effectively.

On a lighter note, I am a borderline nerd and a DC fanboy. I love tech, shitposting, social media, anime, photo, music, video editing. Plus, I am a god gifted memer and a certified kitchen cook by AHLEI.

And lastly, Lord Vader is the best villain (terrible father though), Captain Kirk’s the man, Superman is our last hope, I am secretly Batman, and that’s the bottomline ’cause Austin said so, Cheers!🍻

Thanks for stopping by, and… MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!

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