Hi, I’m Deepak Chandra. My academic journey began at Baroda High School, where I completed my formal education. After that, I pursued a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Sardar Patel University, studying subjects such as business management, marketing, accounts, finance, and human resources, among others. My strengths in observation, creativity, and communication motivated me to further enhance my skills in these areas, which led me to the Baroda Institute of Technology. There, I received extensive training in graphic and web designing, as well as Adobe creative suite.

I started my professional career as a graphic designer and a major part of my work profile involved website layout designing, branding, curating visual content for social media, conducting design and competitor research. My core responsibilities were to provide support and services to international clients by helping them communicate their brand message to their target audience through visual materials such as logos, brochures, advertisements, social media posts, and ads. This allowed me to hone my skills in communication, problem-solving and teamwork as well as develop a strong eye for aesthetics, detail, and other technical aspects. While at work, I also gained proficiency in WordPress, social media, SEO, Google Suite, and Microsoft Office as well as project and time management.

During the pandemic I had the opportunity to reconsider my career goals, assess my experiences, strengths, and skills, and choose a path that aligns with my academic interests and future growth. To upgrade myself, I earned a postgraduate diploma in Marketing Management from my alma mater, followed by further courses in digital marketing, quantitative marketing research, and marketing research and analysis offered by the National Program on Technology and Enhanced Learning (NPTEL). Please go through my timeline for more details and feel free to contact me via email or LinkedIn.

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June 2016
Sardar Patel University, Anand, Gujarat.
Bachelor of Business Administration

Sardar patel University is a highly esteemed educational institution in Gujarat and India, holding an ‘A’ grade accreditation by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council. As an undergraduate student, I studied all main subjects, but I was extremely competent in corporate communications, human resource studies and marketing. I had a knack for creativity and used this trait in my academics, personal and professional life as well.

Visit their website for more information: SPUVVN

March 2018
Baroda Institute of Technology, Vadodara,Gujarat.
Graphic and web designing

My creative interests and hobbies led me to BIT where I gained expertise in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, basic HTML/CSS for website designing and UIUX design. This is where I honed my skills and gained knowledge about visual communication and web designing. After forming a solid foundation, I started my first corporate job at Stemmons business services as a graphic and website layout designer.

Visit their website for more information: Baroda Institute of Technology

February 2020
Vadodara, Gujarat.
Stemmons Business Services

Fresh out of BIT, in July 2018 I was hired by Stemmons business services as a graphic cum website layout designer for their (now defunct) client ODDS Marketing where I was mainly responsible for corporate branding, website layout and social media posts designing. During my tenure, I interacted and understood the needs of international customers and delivered them with perfection. Here I also learnt professionalism, time management, client communications, teamwork, design, basic WordPress & SEO and competitor research as well as digital advertising.

Visit their website for more information: Stemmons Business Services

October 2021
Texas, USA (remote).
Python Holdings LLC

Following my experience at Stemmons, I joined Python Holdings LLC as a remote worker in the same position, reporting directly to the Creative Director. I worked on branding, websites, print materials, and social media presence which was mainly aimed at the American energy sector. Working with them allowed me to take charge of projects independently and develop my accountability and social media skills. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, I was glad to have this opportunity to continue working and enhancing my professional skills.

Visit their website for more information: Python Holdings LLC

June 2022
Sardar Patel University, Anand, Gujarat.
Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management

By the end of the pandemic, I got enrolled in Post-graduate diploma in marketing management from my alma mater with a goal to further enhance my knowledge and career prospectus. As a graphic designer I used to work with marketing and advertising teams on branding, brand identity, business and customer communications. Pursuing PGDMM gave me the opportunity to get an in-depth understanding of the marketing theories and principles, brand establishment, positioning, consumer behaviors, and advertising.

Visit their website for more information: SPUVVN

October 2022
Digital marketing

National program on technology and advanced learning (NPTEL) is a government of India initiative which offers best courses with academic credits from some of the top institutes and the exams are conducted by the National Testing Agency. This in demand course was offered by Punjab University via the SWYAM portal that included website development and SEO projects. Initially, this website started out as a part of my academic project, but I have since transformed it into my personal site.

Visit their website for more information: SWYAM - NPTEL

October 2022
Quantative Marketing Research

While I was working with my employers, I had to conduct extensive competitor and design research. Since I did my post-graduate studies  in marketing I was very keen on learning about the principals and fundamentals of marketing research. This course was offered by IIT Bangalore via the SWYAM portal which comprised tools and methodologies for conducting Quantitative marketing research and analyzing the data.

Visit their website for more information: SWYAM - NPTEL

November 2022
Marketing Research and Analysis

This more in-depth course was offered by IIT Kanpur via the SWYAM portal with an aim to identify trends in consumer habits and behaviors through the research process. It focused on providing tools and methodologies for conducting both qualitative and quantitative research and analyzing the resulting data for taking better decisions, creating products, services, prices, distribution channels, promotional mechanisms that attract customers and enable effective competition.

Visit their website for more information: SWYAM - NPTEL


That’s not all folks!

Yes, that’s not all, because continuous learning is crucial in this ever evolving world, and I am no exception to that. In order to keep up with the increasingly competitive landscape, I need to add new skills to my portfolio which helps me serve my employers in an efficient way. As an individual, I believe it is essential to be adaptable, accountable, and approachable. So, if you are considering a collaboration or hiring, then please reach out.

On a lighter note, I am a borderline nerd and a DC fanboy. I love tech, shitposting, social media, photo editing and a little bit of video and music editing as well, and YouTube is essentially my poison. Last but not the least, Lord Vader is the best baddie, Captain Kirk is the man, and Superman is the best superhero of all time! Wanna debate? bring it on then, drop me a line on LinkedIn or just an old-fashioned mail. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by, and may the force be with you!

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